About Us

Since 1991, SWAGAA has worked with government and non-governmental organizations in Eswatini to raise awareness and understanding about gender-based violence and its impacts on individuals, families, communities and the country as a whole. With the support of local and international partners, SWAGAA empowers women and girls, as well as men ad boys, to prevent violence through extensive educational programs and advocacy initiatives. Providing care and support services for survivors of violence and legal advice is also a priority for SWAGAA. 

Our Vision

A Swaziland free of gender-based violence, where human rights are respected and all live in peace and harmony.

Our Mission

To engage communities against gender-based violence through prevention, care and support and access to justice.

Our Values

Integrity & Honesty


Innovation & Excellence



Client Orientation

Respect for all Human Rights & Gender Equality

Participation & Inclusiveness

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