Press Release: Ongoing Violence in Eswatini

Press Release: Ongoing Violence in Eswatini

Over the last two days our country has experienced increased rates of violence on our streets and in our public spaces. There have been reports of severe injuries, as well as the use of stones, guns, tear gas and grenades on people from both sides of the strike action.

As an organization that has been fighting for almost 30 years to end abuse in Eswatini, we vehemently oppose these violent actions being taken, by both protesters and government forces.

It is far simpler to resort to violence instead of participating in peaceful negotiation. However, from experience, we know that violence never leads to the results we seek to achieve.  As service providers working with families in crisis, we see the same violent reactions in homes and private spaces, which have lasting physical and psychological impacts on all people involved.

Through these actions, whether in the home or on the streets, we are indirectly teaching our children that the way we – as emaSwati -solve our problems is through violence and abuse. This only perpetuates the cycle of violence that our organization, SWAGAA, has been trying to stop for almost three decades.

We must remember that we are all role models for the next generation. Our actions have a greater impact on the future of our children than anything that could be accomplished through the short-sighted use of violence.

We condemn these actions and strongly request that this violence and brutality come to an end immediately.

In Pursuit of Peace & Harmony 

Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse

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