The Effects of Child Abuse with Child Case Manager, Tengetile Dlamini

Child abuse has long-lasting psychological effects. In this episode, we discussed the impact of child abuse with SWAGAA’s Child Counsellor, Tengetile Dlamini, where she emphasized how children are the future and by destroying their childhood we are effectively destroying the country’s future. “There are varying traumatic dynamics that survivors of child…

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Courageous Youth Mobilized Against GBV

From January 29 to February 2, SWAGAA, in collaboration with Together for Girls and Population Council, invited 27 youths from the Manzini and Lubombo regions to participate in the Girls & Boys Mentorship Empowerment Workshop held at Ezulwini, Lugogo Sun Hotel. This 5-day workshop introduced our future-mentors to the harmful perceptions, stereotypes and practices…

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