Education, counselling and advocacy activities to decrease abuse.


SWAGAA – Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse, is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) in Swaziland which has been working tirelessly for over 20 years to eradicate Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Human Trafficking in Swaziland. SWAGAA provides a broad range of services focused on addressing GBV through three units: Prevention, Care and Support and Access to Justice. The NGO aims to empower women, men, and children to identify four different forms of abuse in Swaziland; emotional, economical, sexual, and physical.

SWAGAA seeks to:

  • Empower survivors of abuse through counseling, which is offered at 6 different sites around the country and one toll free line.
  • Bring about positive change in behavior and attitudes through education and awareness raising, thereby preventing GBV and equipping survivors to deal with and confront abuse.
  • To bring about change in social, cultural, and legal systems.

Vision: A Swaziland free of Gender-Based violence where human rights are respected and all live in peace and harmony.

Mission: SWAGAA is committed to the eradication of Gender-Based Violence through prevention, care and support, access to justice and advocacy initiatives.

Please take some time to look through this website and learn more about Gender Based Violence (GBV) and SWAGAA.

Please email us at SWAGAA@AFRICAONLINE.CO.SZ if you are interested in learning more, donating, volunteering, or supporting our mission against GBV in Swaziland in any way!

SWAGAA Director receiving an Award on African Women in Business and Government with Civil Society Organization Category (NGO Category).